The pareo, a fashion accessory made in Tahiti!

Tweet Native to French Polynesia, the pareo is the essential accessory for the beach! Used by everyone around the world, it is a worthy representative of French Polynesia, culture and the myth of “Vahine”. History, types of pareo and how … Continue reading

The top 7 of the prettiest women on holiday in Bora Bora

Tweet                     For many of us, Bora Bora is a myth, the symbol of Polynesian paradise islands. It would appear that for the stars it is the same thing… Each year, … Continue reading

Fly fishing in French Polynesia

Tweet Fly fishing in salt water, especially the Bonefish fishing (Ioio in Tahitian), becomes more and more popular. French Polynesia and more precisely the Tuamotu archipelago is the perfect place for fly fishing!     The Turquoise clear waters of … Continue reading

Welcome to Tikehau, the pink sand island…

Tweet This week, Tahiti Cruise and Vacation invites you to the discovery of Tikehau, an peaceful atoll in the Tuamotus archipelago. We will reveal all the secrets of this heavenly place… Its geography, its history and its tourist attractions.   … Continue reading

Tahiti organized the first Oceania Tournament of traditional sports (Tu’aro Ma’ohi)

Tweet Culture occupies a prominent place in the Polynesian daily life. Each year, during the summer holiday,  major cultural events take place with dance, songs and a traditional sport tournament, named “Tu’aro Ma’ohi“. This year, those traditional games will have … Continue reading

The Soursop, a fruit with many virtues!

Tweet This week the team Tahiti Cruise and Vacation invites you to discover a fruit not very well known in the USA, the soursop. Called ” Totara” in French Polynesia, this fruit with a strange shape have many benefits thanks … Continue reading