A Polynesian secret for your hair… The monoï!

Tweet We had already talked about the benefits of this Polynesian oil in a previous article. This time, we return in detail on its use for the hair. Fast and easy to use, the monoï will be your best capillary … Continue reading

Fire walking, an incredible experience to live in French Polynesia!

Tweet Each year in July, the high priest Raymond Teriierooiterai Graffe makes revived this impressive ancestral ceremony. Tahiti Cruise and Vacation tells you more about this rite practiced since the dawn of time in French Polynesia. Its origins Every year, … Continue reading

July and its Heiva, the perfect period to visit French Polynesia!

Tweet July is a special time in French Polynesia, it named “Heiva” in Tahitian. During a complete month French Polynesia and in particular Tahiti, is boiling. Singing, dancing and traditional sports are in the spotlight… With Tahiti Cruise and Vacation, … Continue reading

ONO’U, the first international graffiti festival in French Polynesia!

Tweet A unique event that will take place for the first time in Tahiti on May 10 & 11, 2014 ONO’U which means  ”encounters of the colors” is the first street graphic art festival organized in Tahiti. This international contest … Continue reading

Discovering marine turtles of French Polynesia …

Tweet Let’s discover a majestic creature living in the Polynesian waters, the turtle called in Tahitian “Honu”.   We do not know much about this oviparous animal, but it is facing the threat of extinction. There are now only 7 … Continue reading