The Soursop, a fruit with many virtues!

Tweet This week the team Tahiti Cruise and Vacation invites you to discover a fruit not very well known in the USA, the soursop. Called ” Totara” in French Polynesia, this fruit with a strange shape have many benefits thanks … Continue reading

The Varo, a marine animal highly prized in French Polynesia

Tweet                                 This week, the team Tahiti Cruise and Vacation makes you discover a marine animal highly prized in French Polynesia for its meat, the … Continue reading

Sandalwood, a precious goods for the Polynesians!

Tweet The sandalwood is a tree which grows in French Polynesia, India, Nepal, Australia, in New Caledonia and Hawaii. Known to man for at least 4,000 years, this wood has a pleasant fragrance. It is used as incense, but also … Continue reading

Discover the Blacktip sharks, an inhabitant of the Polynesian lagoons

Tweet This week, let’s discover a shark that inhabits the coral reefs of Polynesia, Blacktip Shark, more commonly called “Vaki” or “Ma’o Mauri” in Tahitian.     The scientific name of the Blacktip shark is Carcharhinus melanopteru, its coat is … Continue reading

Stone fishing, an ancestral tradition

Tweet Traditional lagoon fishing techniques are numerous in French Polynesia and can vary from island to island. This week, let’s discover an ancient fishing method employed in the lagoons of the Leeward Islands, particularly on Maupiti island, the stone fishing! … Continue reading