Cultural Cruise Vacation aboard the Aranui 3 in the Marquesas Islands

Cultural Cruise Vacation aboard the Aranui 3 in the Marquesas Islands

The custom-built Aranui III is specially designed with added space and our
passengers’ comfort in mind. But we have retained our remarkably friendly atmosphere
and experienced crew. Join us on an unforgettable South Pacific adventure, discovering the
intoxicating beauty of these lush, untouched islands.

Our state-of-the art ship offers tasteful, spacious suites. All have windows. On the
sweeping decks, read, relax or take in the views of pristine lagoons and soaring mountain
spires. Take a dip in our sparkling outdoor swimming pool. In our expanded dining room,
savor fine French and Polynesian cuisine with fellow adventurers from around the world.
Lose calories in the gym or exercise your mind in the library. Socialize in the lounge or
learn about the rich Marquesan culture and history from our onboard experts.

And at the expanded bar-lounge, our spirited crew sing and strum Polynesian rhythms on their hand-crafted ukuleles. They’ll teach you to gyrate your hips to rapid, hypnotic beats of the tamure.

The dedicated crew are descendants of the greatest navigators of all time — the ancient Polynesians. They’ve learned about what matters to modern navigators and to our guests – that’s why we’ve built the technically-advanced Aranui III. This is voyaging at its best
– interior South Sea designs, seafaring stability, warm hospitality and mesmerizing scenery.

The Aranui III continues their tradition of excellence. Join them for the only and the most unforgettable way to explore the Marquesas Islands.

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