Find out with Tahiti Discovery the valley of the Papenoo!

Located on the East side of Tahiti, Papenoo is the largest river and the deepest valley of the island. A mythic place imbued of history…









Your guide, Teiva, a child of the valley, will take you back in time and you will follow the steps of his grandfather and he will reveal numerous archaeological remains. He will also tell you the stories of the Tahitian people.

You will be driven into this lush valley surrounded by cliffs where numerous waterfalls are hidden into the vegetation, along the riverbank. You will enjoy the pleasure of a relaxing swim in the water pools bordering the path in which it is not uncommon to encounter eels and shrimp.

Surrounded by mountains with some over 2000 meters high, the valley of Papenoo is the only one, which allows you to go across the island from one part to other and thru the heart of the island, to the crater of an ancient volcano, and especially the beautiful Lake Vaihiria.









Tahiti Cruise and Vacation and Tahiti Discovery provide you safari half day or full day. Come and discover this fabulous valley of Papenoo.

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