Papeete Market: The Best Place for the Shopaholics

papeete market

A holiday trip without shopping, sounds like something’s missing. Well, for the shopaholics in Tahiti, the Papeete Market also known as the Municipal Market offers the ultimate shopping experience. This bustling marketplace remains open from 5 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday while on Saturdays the market is accessible from 5 am to 1 pm and on Sundays you can go there anytime between 4am and 8pm.

Whether you are looking for exclusive tropical fruits, vegetables, fish or meat, this market has it all under one roof. Are you looking for traditional vegetables like taro and breadfruit? The Papeete Market is guaranteed to fulfill your requirement. On Sundays from 5 to 7 in the morning, the market seems more like a carnival as more people from the outskirts of Tahiti turn up to sell their goods and items. This is a great time to explore the Papeete Market and shop to your heart’s content.

The Papeete Market, a true representative of the Polynesian culture is a lively place offering the tourists with some of the best souvenirs to take back home. The first floor in the market place features the freshest of the flowers, fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. The fresh flower necklaces are a specialty of this market. Want a taste of traditional Tahitian cuisine? Papeete Market has it all lined up for you. Spoil yourself with delectable French pastries, and lip smacking vanilla. The bright and colorful sarongs are a special attraction in the market and are perfect for lively beach parties.

The restaurants on the second floor are comparatively pricey but the great taste and quality is worth paying for. For a treat within your budget you can check out the stalls downstairs and you will surely love them too. In this market you will find some of the best souvenirs and what’s best, they are priced quite reasonably, so you can carry one for everyone.

This market has some of the best collection of local items like black pearls and shell jewelry, straw hats and bags, wooden carved items and coconut carvings, Monoi oil and local vanilla beans. Looking for local crafts and textiles? The best place to checkout is the stalls outside the market. Here you will find a lot of pareos and tropical fabrics, eye catchy traditional quilts (tifaifai). Flower crowns sold by local women on the streets near the market are a great gift for your wife.

For a flower lover this market offers some of the best tropical flower collection. Even for simple window shopping, this place offers a friendly ambiance. Add to your memories of Tahiti tour with a grand shopping experience at the Papeete Market. This marketplace is a complete package offering countless items and accessories to take back home. You can go out for shopping almost everyday of your trip and still you wouldn’t run out of experiences. Each day you will discover a new shop to explore.

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