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tahiti resorts

Tahiti is the largest among the 118 French Polynesian Islands populating the Pacific Ocean. A beautiful landmass encircled by roaring blue, this island is the gateway to an astounding world of experiences. Tahiti’s pristine white beaches cut into many secluded, romantic lagoons. The Pacific is home to a series of colorful corals and rare species of fish. Bordering the beaches are gently sloping hills covered with lush green flora and beautiful tropical flowers. Exciting adventure, great food, vibrant night life and loads of shopping, Tahiti is one complete package. The island’s cozy and homely accommodation makes it the perfect sun, sea and sand destination.

Why Tahiti Resorts?

Any holiday is lacking and incomplete when you can’t find a cozy and comfortable accommodation to stay in. Luckily, with Tahiti Resorts, options are manifold and you will not want for choices.

Spoil yourself at some of the best luxurious hotels in Tahiti and enjoy world-class amenities at your disposal. Wake up to a bright tropical morning and gorge on the choicest breakfast menu. Follow up with a relaxing shower or a rejuvenating spa session or run to the beach for a day of thrilling water sports. Spend a breezy seaside evening at Tahiti beaches or call it a night at a happening bar – your options are many at Tahiti resorts.

Tahiti makes your trip more than just a tour, it adds to an enriching holiday experience. Two of the best resorts in Tahiti are Intercontinental Tahiti Resort and Sofitel Tahiti Maeva Beach Resort. There are also several other elegant hotels and affordable stays around the island.

Tahiti Resorts: Intercontinental Tahiti Resort

Rated as the top hotel in Tahiti, Intercontinental Tahiti Resort enjoys an impressive 30 acres featuring tropical gardens and a panoramic view of Moorea’s Peaks. This resort is just 2 km away from the airport. Going 10 km down the line will lead you to Papeete, the capital city of Tahiti.

Intercontinental Tahiti Resort features 263 tastefully decorated rooms with plush interiors. Out of 263, 60 are large rooms open to picturesque views of the island and 92 smaller but cozier are ocean-facing rooms. The ideal setup for nature lovers, Intercontinental Tahiti Resort offers homely and comfortable rooms offering direct views of the garden and partial views of the Pacific.

Thatched with pandanus leaves, the over-water bungalows offer direct ocean views; private terraces and sundecks lead directly to the lagoon where guests can enjoy swimming or snorkeling. The Jacuzzi tubs in the bathrooms are a real treat. Intercontinental Tahiti Resort has 15 Over-water Lagoon Bungalows and 16 Over-water Motu Bungalows.

The Panoramic Suite with a lounge and dining room is as lavish as the Overwater Suite Villa.

Tahiti Resorts: Sofitel Tahiti Maeva Beach Resort

Colorful rooms, sleek and sophisticated furniture, elegant dining room – that’s Sofitel Tahiti Maeva Beach Resort for you. Native charm and warmth welcomes you when you walk into your room. Floral design bed-sheets adorning the beds and drapery inspired by the earthy shades are sure to make you feel immediately at home.

With 216 rooms featuring private balcony and splendid views of the mountains and lagoons, Sofitel Tahiti Maeva Beach Resort is the ideal accommodation for romatic holidaymakers. The two in-house restaurants with a bar call for small-time family gatherings and parties with friends. Strategically positioned by the airport, this is the only resort located on the pearly beach of Tahiti. While staying in Sofitel Tahiti Maeva Beach Resort, an exclusive dining session at the famed Teppanyaki Restaurant Sakura is a must.

Enjoy home comforts round cozy furnishings and the plethora of facilities offered by some of the best resorts in Tahiti. Tahiti Cruise and Vacation is here to make your holiday a memorable one with its exclusive accommodation, activities and guided tour packages.

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