Bora Bora Traditional Wedding

Traditionnal Wedding in Tahiti Apart civil marriage, spouses may make a traditional wedding ceremony, without legal force, to complete a civil marriage or renew their vows. Most resorts, local partners and the Moorea Tiki Village Theatre offer different options.

In hotels, honeymoon visitors are greeted with welcome gifts.
Many "Honeymoon" services are also available (romantic dinner, floral arrangement, private tour ...).

Private providers also organize traditional wedding ceremonies on the island of Tahiti.

Our travel experts will help you to organize your wedding ceremony.

Traditional wedding ceremony

Marriage is part of traditional Polynesian folklore of Tahiti and her islands. This is an emotional and colorful moment that you will discover the oldest Polynesian rites. Usually, The bride and the groom are dressed in traditional costume and crowned necklace with Tiare flower, symbol of Polynesia. The groom arrives by canoe to the sound of pu (shell used as a musical instrument).

The ceremony is punctuated by exalting Polynesian songs and dances. The priest blesses the wedding rings and the spouses union who also receive their Tahitian name. At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds joined a canoe decorated with tropical flowers for an idyllic stroll on the lagoon. A magic moment for unforgettable memories.

Marriage in Tahiti

Want to bring a touch of exoticism to your civil wedding or to renew your wishes: the traditional wedding will leave you with wonderful memories .
Tahiti Cruise and Vacation has selected for you the best hotels offering this kind of service.

We also suggest Honeymoon services adapted to your request with romantic dinner, private excursion and floral arrangement, among other.

Bora Bora Traditional Wedding

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Bora Bora Traditional Wedding

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